la tierra is a regenerative village project in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. 430 acres of pristine land developed under strict sustainable principles to create a blueprint of what’s possible. A new approach on how to build with and for nature.

A project that challenges and looks to model how to create community, how to redesign our governance systems, how to relate to each other and with our environment. A place that creates an immersive world filled with art and new ideas to foster creativity and new approaches on how to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges under one principle:

We aim at creating a safe haven for travelers, thinkers, philosophers and (r)evolutionaries. A village of villages that can become a beacon of hope for a more equitable, more just, more nature-connected society. An inspiration for thousands of artists, thinkers and planetary solutionists that are contributing to the design of a new world.

A place to celebrate life where we facilitate tools for the catharsis of individuals (release and healing of trauma), where we create spaces and experiences for ekstasis (peak moments of transcendence)

and we engineer all other activities around communitas (collective communion with others, self and nature).

Our Vision is to steward the collective commons (land, resources, knowledge) while redesigning our collective systems under regenerative principles.

We will create spaces designed for collective experiences.

We are redefining the real estate model from the ground up. la tierra is an experiment based on solid numbers and principles. If successful, we will inspire hundreds of other developments and cities to follow and enter a new era of how humans expand their blueprint on the planet.

All built under strict sustainable principles, with novel materials, using biophilic nature-inspired design and ontological design principles to make people living in our village thrive and be happy.

Traditionally, a home development develops what is called a “masterplan” (land layout and homes design).

We’ve taken this concept way further and over two years of design we ended up creating what we call a Village OS. An Operative System for village building.

1. Ataraxia
2. Ataraxia Ocean
3. The Port
4. Mycelia
5. Agora

6. Permaculture & Food patio
7. Healing Center
8. Indigenous Village
9. Dâstân Carävanseraï Hotel
10.Festival Ground & Parks
11. Numana + Permaculture
12. Public Park

Go to the following section to know more about our Village OS and access the entire project of la tierra. What you are about to read has never been done. We hope you enjoy the journey.